• I step out into the wave of strange faces and fragrances. These faces seem ugly and sad. They all have stories but the ugliness overpowers my interest to know their stories. I do not want to be part of their […]

  • It is high time that people all over the world, men and women alike, realise that a woman is not merely just her skin and bones.


  • I came across this brilliantly crafted video a while back. Although it was posted 5 years back, and a lot has changed in the world since then. But, something tells me, we are not there yet.

    Would love to know […]

  • The Gaze

    It follows you. It refuses to die down. It transfers itself from one to another in a matter of seconds. You are left with no choice. You ignore. Time and again. But for how much longer till the cracks […]

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